Actor headshot shoot (indoor or outdoor)*
£100 - up to 1 hour / 3 edited images
£15 per additional edited image

Performer promo shoot (no aerial)*
£225 - up to 1.5 hours / 5 edited images
£20 per additional edited image
£25 per additional hour

Aerial shoot*
£250 - up to 2 hours/ 5 edited images
£25 per additional edited image
£25 per additional hour

Fashion shoots
£750 full day (8 hours) & up to 20 images
£400 half day (4 hours) & up to 10 images

Club photography
£175 for 2 hours
£50 per additional hour

Corporate event photography
£750 full day (8 hours)
£400 half day (4 hours)

Event performance photography
Rates on consultation

Routine filming (unedited footage)
£100 for 1 hour
£50 per additional hour

Discounts can be given to pairs or groups of friends looking to buddy up and shoot on the same day, so please ask in advance if this is something that interests you.

  • Sex work and kink friendly photographer

  • Access to Forgotten Circus School in north London for studio shoots, including backdrops in a range of colours

  • Transportable lighting for location shoots

  • Make up and body paint provided on request, in collaboration with Pixie Lawrie

    Terms and Conditions

  • All photo shoots require a £50 upfront deposit upon confirmation, which will be requested via invoice

  • Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations made within less than 24 hours before the shoot

  • After the photo shoot, low-resolution watermarked versions of the images will be uploaded to a private online gallery, where you may make your selection of images that you would like editing

  • Once you have picked your favourites, you will receive an invoice for the total number of images. Post production on the photos will not begin until the full payment is received.

  • Depending on how many photos are being edited, you will receive your final shots within 1-2 weeks, in both high and low resolution format.

  • If you would like further images editing later in the future, feel free to get in touch, as I will keep the RAW image files for 3-5 years after shooting

  • When posting any of the images on social media, please make sure to credit me to @rachelhardwickphotography

  • For copyright enquiries, please contact me with regards to publishing images through external publications, both online and print, prior to use.